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 Hebei Minmetals Co Ltd is a joint-stock group specialized in foreign & domestic sales and production. Established in 2004,
 the company’s foundation  was derived  from  the structural reform of the old state foreign trading companies, and has a
 registered capital of 45 million RMB.The company has grown dramatically in recent years with turnover growing to over $200
 million,  and has become one of the top exporters in Hebei Province.
 Hebei Minmetals is currently supplying metal fabricated  products  for  the garden, auto parts diy, building and houseware
 sectors.We have many years of  experience  of  exporting to all corners of the world, and have a dedicated team focused on
 research and development of new products. With constant investment and innovation, our product ranges have grown substanti
 We have also strengthened our sales operation with a team of experienced account managers responsible for specific countries,
 enabling us to successfully market our products throughout the world, especially in Europe and North America. Currently, our
 company's business is in steady development.
 Hebei Minmetals  has transformed itself  into  a modern enterprise that  has its  own industrial establishments. We have six
 domestic proprietary factories that have a collective turnover of over 800 million RMB. The six domestic proprietary factori
 -es are Hebei Wuxin Garden Products Co., Ltd、Hebei Wuxin Netting Products Co., Ltd、Hebei Jinmeitai Hardware Products Co.
 Ltd、Hebei Wuxin Haimei metal products Co. Ltd.、Huanghua Deco building materials Co. Ltd.,Beijing MetalTec Co. Ltd. We also
 have two oversea  proprietary company in England and America. Their rich experience in operating metal and gardening products
 not only contribute to providing customers  with cheap  and  fine products, but also  providing customers with high quality
 service and better meeting customer demand.
 Hebei Minmetals is proud of its young well trained team, that is full of ambition, and creativity. Together with the help of
 all members of our group we believe that Hebei Minmetals will become the main flagship enterprise of the Hebei foreign trade